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User group meetings

ID: 20107
Created on: September 1, 2003 14:06
Updated on: April 22, 2010 21:33

Dallas/Ft. Worth FoxPro User Group
Architecting for the .NET Event Model by Kevin McNeish - Thursday, October 2nd, 2003 at 19h30
You may have a basic understanding of .NET's event model, but how can you best architect your applications to take advantage of .NET events? This session spends a few minutes on the basics, then provides real-world examples showing how you can design your applications to take advantage of the .NET event model. We will also be hosting a 1-day seminar on .NET for Mere Mortals on Friday, October 3rd from 9am to 5pm. Please go to http://www.oakleafsd.com to register on-line.

User group history/membership rate/objectives:The Dallas/Fort Worth FoxPro User Group was founded in 1990. We are a non-profit organization whose main objective is to provide a forum through which those interested in Microsoft Visual FoxPro may share and exchange information. Our group caters to all levels of users and developers.
Created by:
Mark McCasland
Midlothian, Texas


Kevin McNeish, Oak Leaf Enterprises, Inc.
Oak Leaf Enterprises is a company of integrity and quality. We have nearly 20 years of experience in the computer industry combined with a strong history of application development. Our experience in creating custom software for large and small companies and our thorough understanding of Object-Oriented programming gives us the insight necessary to create a stable Framework with built-in flexibility for your own development needs. In addition to the Mere Mortals Framework for .NET and VFP, Oak L...

Archive of meetings

NoMeeting titleDateSpeaker
1.To be announcedApril 6, 2006 
2.Two Topics for This Meeting - (1) Coder to Developer and (2) Crystal ReportsMarch 2, 2006Craig Berntson 
3.Solving Common Problems with VFP's SQLFebruary 2, 2006Tamar Granor 
4.Part 2 of Tool Tips... and other great stuff from SWFox 2005 and the West Wind ConferenceJanuary 5, 2006Ken Penrod 
5.SouthwestFox/West-Wind Conference HighlightsDecember 1, 2005Ken Penrod 
6.Rick Borup Speaks!October 6, 2005Rick Borup 
7.Basic Application Design and DeploymentMay 5, 2005Mark McCasland
Bruce Allen 
8.Using SQL-DMO from VFPFebruary 3, 2005Evan Pauley
Mark McCasland 
9.Nick Neklioudov Speaks - The Hidden Face of Drag and DropMay 6, 2004Nick Neklioudov 
10.John St Andria Speaks on Browser ObjectsApril 1, 2004John St. Andria
Mark McCasland 
11.Marcia Akins and Andy Kramek Speak plus 1-Day Seminar!March 4, 2004Andy Kramek
Marcia Akins 
12.Hector Correa Speaks!February 5, 2004Hector Correa 
13.More of What's New in VFP8January 8, 2004 
14.New Features in VFP8December 4, 2003 
15.GLGDW Conference HighlightsNovember 6, 2003John St. Andria 
16.Architecting for the .NET Event Model by Kevin McNeishOctober 2, 2003Kevin McNeish 
17.Whil Hentzen Speaks! 7:00PM Start This Month!September 4, 2003Whil Hentzen 
18.VFP & LinuxJuly 10, 2003 
19.VFP, MySQL, ODBC and LinuxJune 5, 2003William Sanders 
20.Inno Installer, Essential Fox Wrap Up, and more VFP 8 FeaturesMay 1, 2003Mark McCasland 
21.Testing and Deploying VFP Apps by Mike StewartMarch 6, 2003Mike Stewart 
22.Mind's Eye Report Engine by Rich SimpsonFebruary 6, 2003Rich Simpson 
23.Tricks and Tools that I Use Every Day by Wayne WillinghamJanuary 9, 2003Wayne Willingham 
24.VFP 8's Cursor Adapter ClassDecember 5, 2002Mark McCasland 
25.But What Does That MEAN? by Barbara PeischNovember 7, 2002Barbara Peisch 
26.ASP.NET and the VFP Toolkit by Cathi GeroOctober 3, 2002Cathi Gero 
27.Debugging VFP Apps by Nancy FolsomSeptember 5, 2002Nancy Folsom 
28.D/FW FPUG Monthly MeetingAugust 1, 2002Bruce Allen 
29.July 11th MeetingJuly 11, 2002Travis Vandersypen 
30.West-Wind's HTML Help BuilderJune 6, 2002Jerry Goodson 
31.D/FW FPUG Meeting May 2May 2, 2002Randy Pearson 
32.IntelliSense Inside and Out by Andy KramekApril 4, 2002Andy Kramek 
33.March MeetingMarch 7, 2002 
34.February 2002 MeetingFebruary 7, 2002Larry G Hawke 
35.December 2001 MeetingDecember 6, 2001 
36.Monthly User Group MeetingOctober 4, 2001 
37.September Meeting Featuring Rational RoseSeptember 6, 2001 


Tamar pays a visit to DFW Fox
February 2006
Enjoying a food and networking before our meeting.
January 2006
Enjoying a friendly game of pool before the meeting at our new location.
January 2006
The food table full of pizza and hot wings
January 2006
Ken Penrod presenting his topic on highlights from the Web-Connect conference at SouthwestFox
December 2005
D/FW Fox members listening to main presentation
December 2005
PUTM raffle winner Ana Eicher (2nd from left)
December 2005

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