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User group meetings

ID: 19472
Created on: July 10, 2003 13:11
Updated on: April 22, 2010 21:33

El Zorro User Group
Kevin McNeish presents "Building Windows Applications: .NET or Visual FoxPro?" - Friday, July 11th, 2003 at 19h00
Learn the inner workings of creating Windows applications with .NET. In this
session you'll look at how creating Visual FoxPro Windows applications
compares with creating them in .NET. You'll see how in some ways Visual
FoxPro has a better approach, and in other respects .NET is better. You'll
explore more complex issues such as implementing business objects, data
access, data binding, creating custom controls, formatting input fields, and
working with data grids.

User group history/membership rate/objectives:El Zorro was founded to bring FoxPro users in the Phoenix area together to share information and expertise relevant to developing systems in FoxPro. Our meetings are designed to include technical demonstrations intended for FoxPro developers, discussions of tips and shared problem solving. Meetings are held at new home: BTEK Suite 16 2850 S 36th Street, Phoenix Many thanks to Gail and Stan for their hospitality and support. Scheduled meetings are the second Tuesday of each month at 7:00 PM. All are welcome and encouraged to participate. Donations for pizza will be appreciated. You can contact Bob Kocher at bobk@azbobk.com for more information. The meetings are held in Phoenix. You can reach us at (602) 787-0069.
Created by:
Jeff Johnson
Sandc, Inc.
Glendale, Arizona


Kevin McNeish, Oak Leaf Enterprises, Inc.
Oak Leaf Enterprises is a company of integrity and quality. We have nearly 20 years of experience in the computer industry combined with a strong history of application development. Our experience in creating custom software for large and small companies and our thorough understanding of Object-Oriented programming gives us the insight necessary to create a stable Framework with built-in flexibility for your own development needs. In addition to the Mere Mortals Framework for .NET and VFP, Oak L...

Archive of meetings

NoMeeting titleDateSpeaker
1.Barbara Peisch puts VFP apps on the webSeptember 9, 2003Barbara Peisch 
2.Form Instantiation, Destruction, and Object Reference ManagementAugust 12, 2003Drew Speedie 
3.Kevin McNeish presents "Building Windows Applications: .NET or Visual FoxPro?"July 11, 2003Kevin McNeish 
4.New Grid TechniquesMarch 11, 2003Drew Speedie 
5.Ken Levy presents VFP 8January 27, 2003Ken Levy 
6.Drew Speedie presents VFP Tips & TricksAugust 13, 2002Drew Speedie 
7.Craig Bernston brings N-Tier to El ZorroJuly 9, 2002Craig Berntson 
8.Mike Stewart - Software TestingJune 14, 2002Mike Stewart 
9.Mike Feltman presents Visual FoxExpress 7.0May 14, 2002Mike Feltman 


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