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User group meetings

ID: 12616
Created on: April 24, 2002 15:42
Updated on: April 22, 2010 21:32

Salt Lake City Fox Users
Introduction to UML - Wednesday, June 5th, 2002 at 17h30
NET Session: Creating Windows Applications with Visual Studio .Net
Inside the FFC: Data Query classes
Introduction to UML. Jim Densmore from Rational Software will be our featured speaker.

Do lives depend on the software you write? Perhaps not today, but it will happen soon. The development community must write higher quality software, and to do that we must develop an engineering discipline for the process. UML is the visual language of software blueprints. It is accepted, it is standardized, and it is recognized by powerful tools that can render your UML in the source language of choice. Jim's talk will outline the UML and its importance, the basic notation and diagrams, and he will demonstrate its power in conjunction with one of these tools.

Specific topics include:
Object Technology
Why do Modeling?
UML in Context
Modeling Use Cases
Modeling Interactions
Modeling Class Structure
Modeling Object State
Of Things Not Covered

Jim Densmore has been with Rational Software for nearly two years now as a technical consultant, after five years in telecommunications software development and 18 years before that in tactical air combat simulation and other defense decision-aiding systems. He knows it's possible to efficiently develop complete, quality systems in UML because he's done it. Jim is a strong advocate of general aviation and soaring, and swims competitively. He lives in Colorado Springs with his wife Linda, two high-school daughters and two cats who tear up the house, as did his son before he was deported to Western State University.

User group history/membership rate/objectives:Salt Lake City Fox User's Group meets the second Thursday of each month. The .Net Session begins at 5:30 with the General Session at 6:30. Meeting announcements can be found at http://www.slcfox.org. If you need additional information, send an email to info@slcfox.org.
Created by:
Craig Berntson
Quicken Loans
Salt Lake City, Utah


Craig Berntson, Quicken Loans
Craig Berntson has been a Microsoft MVP since 1996 and has spoken at developer events across the US and in Canada, and Europe. He has written for various magazines and is the co-authoring of the book "Continuous Integration in .NET" for Manning Publishing. Craig is the Chief Software Gardener at Mojo Software Worx in Salt Lake City, an INETA Community Speaker, and a member of the ComponentOne Speaker Bureau.

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