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ID: 12297
Created on: February 18, 1998 02:09
Updated on: April 22, 2010 21:32

Vancouver Foxpro User Group
The Vancouver Foxpro User Group holds regular meetings in the Vancouver, BC Canada metropolitan area. Each meeting may include one or more of:
  • Presentation(s) on topics of technical or business interest
  • Open question-and-answer session
  • Networking and socializing amongst attendees
Currently, meetings are nominally on the 3rd Wednesday of the month, and are held 9 times per year (no meetings in July, August or December). This may be changed on a meeting-to-meeting basis to avoid conflicts or accommodate special speakers; please check this page regularly for updates.

Meeting Fees:
VFUG Members: $0
Non-VFUG Members: $0.00

Al Doman
M3 Enterprises Inc.
North Vancouver, British Columbia

Archive of meetings

NoMeeting titleDateSpeaker
1.Real-Life Web Connection 5 Application - Geoff BannoffNovember 18, 2009Geoff Bannoff 
2.Tamar Granor :: Solving Common Problems with VFP's SQLOctober 9, 2007Tamar Granor 
3.Tips & Techniques - David Fung and Sam RobbinsSeptember 20, 2006David Fung
Sam Robbins 
4.Network Monitoring & Reporting - Al DomanMay 24, 2006Al Doman 
5.Real-World Problem Solving - Kimberley Cowan and Al DomanMarch 29, 2006Kimberley Cowan
Al Doman 
6.Informal Q&A SessionJanuary 18, 2006 
7.Web Application Performance: Tools and TechniquesNovember 17, 2005Lauren Clarke 
8.AGM and Q&AOctober 27, 2005 
9.Web Application Performance: Tools and TechniquesSeptember 21, 2005Lauren Clarke 
10.Using VFP with Microsoft Reporting ServicesJune 23, 2005Ying Keung 
11.Prevent Piracy of your VFP ApplicationMay 24, 2005Sam Robbins 
12.VFP "Plays Well With Others"March 23, 2005Hugo Ranea 
13.Stonefield Query Developer's EditionFebruary 24, 2005 
14.Real-World FoxPro Programming TechniquesJanuary 26, 2005David Fung 
15.Using WW Web Connection and VFP at Frontier Power ProductsNovember 24, 2004Geoff Bannoff 
16.Annual General Meeting (AGM) and Social MeetingOctober 27, 2004 
17.VFP ERP ApplicationSeptember 15, 2004 
18.VFP 9 Preview by Microsoft VFP Team MembersJune 23, 2004Richard Stanton
Mike Stewart 
19.Latest Developments at SkyTrainMay 26, 2004Sam Robbins 
20.FoxProBC.org's New "POWERED by VFP" WebsiteApril 27, 2004David Leeder 
21.Geological Data Management using VFPMarch 31, 2004 
22.Using SVG to visiualize DataSeptember 24, 2003Lauren Clarke 
23.Social Time!February 12, 2003 
24.Data Warehousing with VFPJanuary 13, 2003John Campbell 
25.Crystal Reports and Visual FoxProDecember 11, 2002Ying Keung 
26.VFP8 Revealed!November 13, 2002John Koziol 
27.Performance for Web ApplicationsOctober 16, 2002Lauren Clarke 
28.September MeetingSeptember 25, 2002Loy Agujo 
29.On track with SkyTrainMay 15, 2002Sam Robbins 
30.Class For Passing ClicksApril 17, 2002Kimberley Cowan 
31..NET for Visual FoxPro Developers with Kevin McNeishMarch 19, 2002Kevin McNeish 
32.Debugging with Nancy FolsomJanuary 16, 2002Nancy Folsom 
33.Data Security and the CryptoAPI with AlexFeldsteinNovember 27, 2001Alex Feldstein 
34.John Koziol - FRX and Word StuffOctober 17, 2001John Koziol 
35.Web Connect IntroSeptember 26, 2001Lauren Clarke 


Kimberley Cowan, winner of the UT PUTM door prize
March 2006
Ali Marandi, winner of the UT PUTM door prize at the VFUG meeting
January 2006

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