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ID: 13851
Created on: July 23, 2002 00:24
Updated on: April 22, 2010 21:32

Free/Simple VFP Report To PDF - Print2PDF
Tuesday, July 23rd, 2002 at 00h24
Here is a free/fast/simple way to create PDF files directly from VFP. This is "black box" code/class that will run a VFP report and output it to a PDF. It will even automatically install any needed components for the user! It's easy to setup and to use! It is very flexible for programmers, easy for end-users, and well documented.

File type:Freeware
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Created by:
Paul James
Lifecycle Technologies, Inc.
Duluth, Georgia

Print2PDF automatically selects the free Adobe Postcript printer driver to create a Postscript file (a temporary file in the VFP temporary path). It then calls the free DLL of Ghostscript to turn that Postscript file into a true PDF file. You can pass in the report name and the output name/path. This is an fast, free, and elegant solution to PDF generation from VFP. *** Version 1.1 *** This update adds the functionality of automatically locating the Ghostscript files. Also, the download now includes Ed Rauh's clsheap.prg. ***Version 1.2 *** Turned the program into a Class. Added logic to allow the user to install Postscript on-the-fly. Added logic to allow the user to install Ghostscript on-the-fly. Added logic to allow the user to install Adobe Acrobat on-the-fly. Added the ability to read most setting from the .INI file. Put logic in the Install() method and .INI file that will allow you to install any other program also. *** Version 1.3 *** Added support for printing "color" in pdf. You can change printer resolution on-the-fly. Made it callable as a "procedure". Complete Demo program (including dbf and report). Included the complete Ghostscript and Adobe Postscript installs. Corrected some logic bugs, and bugs in the .ini processing. Added the ability to use "variable" paths for Installs Added any new properties to .ini file. ++Please be aware that version 1.3 has CHANGED some .ini settings! *** Version 1.4 *** Some bug fixes and a timing fix to avoid error message when trying to delete temporary files. *** Sept. 2003 *** Fixed broken FTP Link to get this file. *** Dec. 2006 *** New FTP Link. *** August 2008 - Version 1.51 *** Updated to be more flexible when looking for Ghostscript and added some extra debugging code.


NoCreated byCreated onComment
1.Klaus Hentschel24/07/2002 05:49Where can I find the ClsHeap.prg? I try the Mailaddress to Ed Rauh (found in the print2pdf.prg) but this one is not correct.
2.Matt Mathai24/07/2002 08:24Search for clsheap (in summary $) and download clsheap.zip
3.Klaus Hentschel24/07/2002 13:50Thank you. My Fault, why I don't become this idea.
4.Klaus Hentschel25/07/2002 09:39Another question. Is it possible to create colored PDF? When I print to a PDF everything goes Gray.
5.Mike Albert08/08/2002 10:14Sweet code, Paul. It is possible to get color text or shapes but I can't seem to get color images. In foxpro, you can set the color of each item on the form. The key (I think) is using a color printer's PS driver. I'm using the HP Color LaserJet PS (with port FILE under the DETAILS tab) that is included in windows. The only thing I couldn't get color was the image. If anyone figures that out, email me at karwash@hotmail.com with subject "universal thread" otherwise I won't see it with all the junk mail I get. Thanks again, Paul, this was just what I needed.
6.Paul James12/08/2002 10:37Please check out the newest version (1.3). Color printing is now enabled, also several fixes, updates, etc. Thanks - Paul
7.Bob Lee15/08/2002 11:11Nice update Works first time, Bob Lee
8.Zlatin Zlatev15/08/2002 13:37"Is it possible to create colored PDF?..." Klaus, use the HP Color LaserJet 8500 PS printer driver for producing the PS output and you will be able to produce colorful PDFs. We use this driver together with ghostscript in our PDF reporting engine.
9.Trish Middleton10/10/2002 20:17This was very simple! I was having memory problems with FRX2WORD. This was free and it really works great! It comes out exactly like your report.
10.Michael Brennan-White06/11/2002 13:39Wonderful Product. Works much faster than Acrobat for creating pages but is there a way to convert more than the first seven pages of the report to a PDF. I can send a copy of the report if that would be helpful to diagnose the problem.
11.Claude Fuchs08/11/2002 08:19Completely free and it's better than the Acrobat Writer/Distiller! Especially good for web reports...
12.Paul James08/11/2002 10:39Debugging Tip: Most problems are a result of a problem in your VFP report or your printer driver. If you will set the flag in the class so that "Report2PDF" does NOT delete the postscript file (.ps file), you can open the (.ps) file with Notepad and look for error messages. Also, look at my notes about manually creating and converting, because you can manually send your report to the Adobe printer driver (to create a .ps file), then via command-line you can call ghostscript to convert it. Thanks - Paul James
13.Jonathan Finch14/11/2002 10:40Works like a charm... excellent job.
14.Mike Albert14/11/2002 14:56Hey VFP people. Here's the question. If given just a PDF file, how can you print it out without opening the pdf? I'm asking here because I want to be able to print out multiple PDF files programmatically without opening them (hundreds of these bad boys). This may not involve FoxPro or not, but I thought you may know how to do this. Is this a matter of converting the pdf to a .ps file? If so, can I convert a pdf file to something that isn't postscript like PCL5e (postscript is bigger and slower when printing)? Any help is appreciated. Thanks again.
15.Paul James14/11/2002 21:30One option would be to retain the Postscript file (.ps) when creating the PDF. This class has a property to tell it whether to delete it or not. Then, as you pointed out, the postscript file could simply be "redirected" to a printer port even using something as low-tech as a batch file. Commercial Solutions: Freeware http://www.planetpdf.com/mainpage.asp?webpageid=545 http://www.planetpdf.com/mainpage.asp?webpageid=392 http://www.simtel.net/pub/pd/9929.html Shareware http://www.traction-software.co.uk/batchprint/index.html Around $65 http://www.addendum.de/bpE.html http://www.pdfstore.com/details.asp?ProdID=39 around $350 http://www.callassoftware.com/MadeToPrint_Acrobat/_e/mtp_01_e.htm Thanks - Paul James
16.Jonathan Finch02/12/2002 12:35For printing a .PDF without opening it, calling the Windows API seems to do the trick, assuming acrobat reader is installed. The Foxpro Foundation Classes have an _environ.vcx class library containing a _shellexecute class. Subclassing it with "open" changed to "print" in its Shellexecute method worked for me.
17.Claude Fuchs16/02/2005 04:34I've got it working great from activevfp now! Color and everything!! I did modify it slightly to accomodate a vfp web/COM mtdll environment along with reverting back to using the ghostscript dll (along with Ed Rauh's heap class) for scalability reasons...
18.Shz Khan01/04/2009 23:47When i use Print2pdf in Local machine it is working fine, but when i use same application thru Citrix ,then it is giving error : Error Loading Printer Driver
19.Eduard Alexandru07/05/2009 10:18link broken :(
20.Ivor Neo30/06/2014 05:30I had install the latest GhostScript (gs811w32) and PSDrivers, the demo program can run in VFP8 but not VFP9, it propmt "File Access denied when delete PS file and old pdf file before rename in MAKEPDF().

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