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Nick Neklioudov, Cgi Group Inc.
Nick Neklioudov, M.Sc., CNA, works as Senior Analyst with CGI Group Inc. in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. Programming in all versions of FoxPro/VFP since 1987, in .Net since 2003, not counting some other developer tools and environments. Nick received Microsoft Most Valuable Professional award three times. Nick Neklioudov has over 20 years experience with computers and information technologies, especially in database-oriented programming, object-oriented programming and information systems development.

Member ID:007386
Address:15 Turnberry Lane
Nova Scotia, Canada
B3M 4E5
Telephone:(902) 452-6083
Web site:http://www.cgi.com
Account created on:October 11, 1996 16:12
Last login:February 4, 2014 18:06
Title:Systems Analyst
Spoken languages:English, Russian
Articles written:Talk to Me! FoxPro Advisor, August 2001.
Raise Events From Your Applications. FoxPro Advisor, February 2001.
Make Your Controls Click-Transparent. Feature article, FoxPro Advisor, December 2000.
Make Your Form Modal/Modeless on-the-Fly. FoxPro Advisor, December 2000.
"Transparent" Grid Cover. FoxPro Advisor, October 1997.
Highlight the Active Page. FoxTalk, June 1997.
Yet another approach to forms and grids. VFUG Newsletter, May, 1997.

Learning brochures:

Computer viruses and computer safety. Moscow, 1990.
Working with Hayes-compatible modems. Moscow, 1992.
More than 20 publications in area of technical and economical evaluation of foreign automobile design and production. Moscow, 1980-1990
Speaking experience:Presented at User groups across North America
Speaker at VFP DevCon 2001 September 9-12, San Diego, CA
OOP seminar. Maritime Life Assurance Co., July 2000.
Training course for Jacques Whitford company users,
including Novell 4.10 and Perfect Office 6.0 (June 1995)
Training courses for PC users in SANDVIK Moscow office. (1990-1993)
2 years as an Instructor at the Moscow Computer Centre. PC User Training Course included MS-DOS, word processing, database management systems and electronic spreadsheets. (1988-1990)
Projects:Statements reporting system (VB.Net)
Rate of Return client-server (built completely in VFP 8)
Tax slips repository and XML slip generation for Revenue Canada. (VFP 8.0)
Electric billing system for Riverport Electric Lights Commission.(VFP 8.0)
Client/Server software developments for Maritime Life Assurance Co. (VFP 3.0, 5.0, 6.0, 8.0)
Levy Control & Management System, Halifax Employers Association. (VFP 6.0)
Asset Information Management System, Maritime Life Assurance Co. (VFP 5.0a)
Tourist Accommodation System II, Nova Scotia Economic Reneval Agency. (VFP 5.0)
Data collection programs for field use in hand-held PC-9000 computers. (FoxBase+,FoxPro 2.5 DOS)
Novell 4.10 network for Jacques Whitford Co. (150 workstations).
Several Novell 3.11 networks for 30-50 workstations.
Various accounting programs in FoxPro 1.0 - 2.5 DOS, VFP 3.0, 5.0.
Inventory system in FoxPro 2.0 DOS for Moscow "Belgrade" supermarket.
Votes counting system. (FoxPro 2.5 DOS)
Shareholders Register system, contained more 300,000 records. (FoxPro 2.5 DOS)
Client Register program for SANDVIK company(FoxPro 1.0,2.0 DOS)
Client Tracking program (FoxPro 2.5 WINDOWS)
Numerous database information systems in Dbase III+, Foxbase+, FoxPro.
Company worked for:Maritime Life Assurance Co., Halifax NS. Systems Analyst.
DDA Computer Consultants Ltd., Halifax, NS. VFP Client/Server software developments in VFP 3.0, 5.0
CQA Consulting Group Ltd., Enfield, NS. Software developments in VFP 5.0
Practical Business Software Ltd., Dartmouth, NS. Programmer/Analyst, LAN Administrator, Accounting software developments in VFP.
EOR Information Technologies Ltd., Jacques Whitford Group of Companies, Dartmouth, NS. LAN Administrator.
Department of Natural Resources, NS Government. Programmer/Analyst.
Moscow office of the SANDVIK company (Sweden). Computer consulting, software developments.
Industry Investment Company AMOINVEST, Moscow.
Leading Programmer.
Moscow Automotive Plant AMO ZIL. Senior Programmer, LAN Administrator.
Central Institute of Information, Technical and Economical Researches of Automotive Industries, Moscow. Senior Scientist.
Software experience:Languages: Visual FoxPro, FoxPro, VB.NET, HTML, some Visual Basic and VBA.
Environments: Windows XP,2000,98,95; Windows 3.x, DOS, Novell 4.10, 3.12, 3.11.
Availability:Why not? E-Mail to: Nick Neklioudov mailto:nneklioudov@yahoo.ca


NoTitleDateUser group
1.The Power of Interceptor-type classesOctober 17, 2007Sydney Visual FoxPro Users Group
2.The Hidden Powers of Drag and Drop.July 11, 2006Chicago FoxPro User/Developer Group
3.The Hidden Face of Drag and DropAugust 4, 2005ADD Visual FoxPro SIG
4.Nick Neklioudov Speaks - The Hidden Face of Drag and DropMay 6, 2004Dallas/Ft. Worth FoxPro User Group
5.Nick Neklioudov Demo's Visual Foxpro 8November 5, 2002Chicago FoxPro User/Developer Group

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