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Community News

Martin Salias, Southworks
Martin Salias (Buenos Aires, Argentina) is a Developer and Architect at Southworks, providing services for Microsoft Corp and other corporate customers in the Americas and Europe. He has more than 25 years in the software industry working with several different platforms and languages. He is a member of the Agile Alliance and a Microsoft MVP (C#).

Mono 1.2.5 adds tons of stuff

The latest release just added a mere 1,907 methods, and the Mono team is targeting some .NET 3.5 stuff, especially in the language area:

  • Some fixes to fully support the Dynamic Language Runtime and IronPython
  • Many C# 3.0 features like type inference, anonymous types, object and collection initializers and automatic properties. The LINQ syntax is in progress and coming soon...
  • Many improvements in the Runtime, Security, Corlib, most namespaces and VB.NET

These guys are serious... Go monkey at their home page.

Dynamic Language News

  • IronLisp is coming: The project is just booing up, but it can be a great addition to the DLR-based set.

  • IronRuby is available on RubyForge: This means it is already on the hands of the Ruby community to contribute, and this is not a shy gang, so we can see a huge boost on the project soon.

A better xUnit implementation

No other than the father of NUnit brought to us a new xUnit implementation. After learning the good and the bad of NUnit, Team System's MSTest and other frameworks, he realized that it was about time to start from scratch again instead of keep working around some decisions.

You can get all about xUnit.Net at the project's CodePlex page.

Silverlight 1.0 released and going Linux, too

The Microsoft engine for Rich Internet Applications was finally released in its first version, after quite some time in beta and a good amount of customers already using the cross-browser plugin.

At the same time, the Redmond giant announced a partnership with Novell to finish a complete Linux implementation called Moonlight (from Miguel de Icaza's team -yeah, the Mono guys).

Read more about the release at this post in Scott Guthrie's blog.

.NET Rebels gathering at Texas

The ALT.Net movement, which support .NET development by using Agile methodologies and Open Source software beyond the Microsoft official agenda, will gather in an Open Space conference in Austin, Texas, from October 5th to October 7th.

Some of the topics include Open Source, Agile Development, Patterns, TDD, BDD, Dynamic Languages and many more, and amongst the organizers are the usual suspects: Jeremy Miller, Ayende Rahien, Bret Pettichord, Roy Osherove, Jean-Paul Boodhoo, David Laribee, James Kovacs, Raymond Lewallen, Wendy Friedlander and Scott Bellware. More information at the event website.

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