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The most important part of the UT is its forum members. They’re from many walks of life with a wide range of real-world experience. UT members are helpful, technical forum signal-to-noise ratio is very high and there’s none of the snarky attitude you see on some forums. Whether it’s software development, IT infrastructure or how to run an IT-related business, there are experienced people you can talk with. Don’t see your topic? Make a suggestion, and the UT will create a forum for you! The UT’s ground-breaking threaded-message user interface has been around for over 15 years. It’s like using a fast computer – if you use it for a while you don’t want to use anything else. Why don’t other forums do that?
-- Al Doman, North Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Since almost 20 years, the Universal Thread is a place to share in constant evolution which evokes a real admiration from its users. Its advanced functions are a reference for traditional 'desktop' developers that wish to evolve towards the Web. By animating the VFP community, UT shows its vivacity and good exchange quality between the members. Anxious to carry high professional quality content, UT raises the debates between developers towards essential questions of strategy around new technologies while remaining accessible to beginners and novices. Reinforcing the trust between the community members is also an essential contribution of UT that I incline to compare it to a country club. The recent efforts of UT team towards version 2.0 are spectacular; it softly brings developers rather conservative to new communications mode that will only enrich their exchanges. I want to congratulate the team.
-- Thierry Nivelet, Paris, France

I have been using UniversalThread since I immigrated to Canada and got my first job, more than 15 years ago. At first, I used it as a reference for what was happening in the world of FoxPro but over the years it has shown me that it is truly the best source of information available. My co-workers and I take counsel from the technical expertise and professionalism of the answers to the questions on a daily basis. I find that it has the best interface when it comes to navigating through the countless of questions and answers available. In my opinion, the Universal Thread is one of the best source of information out there.
-- Hugo Ranea, Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada

I have been a Universal Thread user for more than 15 years - the longest amount of time dedicated to one forum. This is the forum I am opening daily as long as I have computer's access. I am active in other technical forums but I never saw a better User Interface with such rich functionality. I also met several technical gurus on Universal Thread site and continue to use their support in my daily tasks. The forum's community is very passionate about technology and there are several widely recognized experts among the regulars. I enjoy communicating with the people from that community and I know a few of them personally.
-- Naomi Nosonovsky, Fox Point, Wisconsin, United States