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Working with VB Namespaces
Thursday, February 16th, 2017 at 11h53

From Codeguru: Code can become disorganized in a blink of an eye! One moment you think you remember where your classes are nested into, the next you are lost among a plethora of coding instructions and files. VB Namespaces to the rescue!

VB Namespaces organize all the objects defined in an assembly. Assemblies can contain multiple Namespaces that contain several classes, which in turn can contain other Namespaces. Within a VB Namespace, you can create items such as classes, modules, structures, interfaces, delegates, enumerations, and even other Namespaces. VB Namespaces prevent ambiguity and makes references to methods easier, especially when using objects that contain groups of objects such as class libraries.Click here to view the entire news