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Ricardo Almeida, Shamir Portugal
Professional applications for industrial areas, regarding full integration and control of the business processes. Developing with Visual FoxPro and SQL Server, building reports with Crystal Reports and SQL Reporting Services.

Bill Anderson, The Anderson Files, Llc
I've been involved with the IT industry for the past 27 years. Clients include Rockwell International, Jet Propulsion Laboratory, KPMG, Stanford University, Avery/Dennison, Warner Brothers, Warner Records, Brookfield Communications, US Bankruptcy Court, Bank of America, Thermo Fisher and many others. Bill's use of frameworks have assisted in shepherding large development projects through to completion on time and within budget. Visual Foxpro is usually one of the development tools in that proces...

Alexandre B-Ferland, Azur Technologies
Alex is Chief Technology Officer for AZUR Technologies, a Montreal-based company that specialize in automating the development of transactional web applications. He is a Microsoft technologies specialist and has participated in the architecture and development of many large-scale projects since 1998. He is also an AJAX specialist who has been working with these technologies since 2000. Alex is part of the team who developed the XI-Community website and XI-Factory tool (http://www.xicommunity.ca)...

Craig Bailey, Elcom Technology Pty Ltd
Craig Bailey is the Technical Director at Elcom Technology (www.elcom.com.au). He has a Software Engineering degree and is an MCSD and MVP. He is President of the Sydney Business & Technology User Group (www.sbtug.com), previously the Sydney VFP User Group (www.svfpug.org) and organiser of OzFox 2004, OzFox Lite and OzFox 2007 conferences(www.craigbailey.net/ozfox.htm). He is a co-host on the OzFoxRocks! podcast (www.ozfoxrocks.com) and is involved in the VFP Solution Explorer project (www.vfpso...

John Baird, Xamlware, Inc.
John Baird is the founder of Xamlware, a professional consulting firm specializing in Silverlight and Windows Phone 7 development. John has 30 years of experience designing, coding, and implementing software solutions. John co-founded the Northern Delaware .Net Users group, is heavily involved in the local .Net communities, and travels extensively presenting to user groups, code camps and special interest groups. John is also a 3 time recipient of Microsoft’s MVP award and is one of the first...

Guy Barrette
Updated on: February 28, 2009
Guy Barrette is a Solutions Architect based in Montreal, Canada. He is the Microsoft Regional Director for the Montreal region and a MVP for ASP/ASP.NET. He has been working and developing with Microsoft development tools since the launch of VB 3 in 1994. His focus is on Web applications with Microsoft technologies like IIS, ASP.NET, Visual Basic, C#, Visual Studio.Net, SQL Server and other Microsoft tools. He worked on one of the largest and successful e-commerce site in Canada: www.archambault...

Cetin Basoz
Çetin is Engineerica's lead developer and also administering "Institute of Marine Sciences and Technology-Izmir" computer division. He specializes in using Visual FoxPro, .NET and SQL server. He is using Foxbase, Foxpro and Visual FoxPro since 80's, .NET since 2004. He has been a Microsoft MVP 1999-2010. His expertise has been used in prototyping, development, training and testing. Now he continues his carrier on VFP and C#.Net doing mostly Silverlight RIA applications. Though Çetin is well k...

John Harold Belalcazar Loz, John Belalcazar
I have near to 18 years of experience in analysis, design, programming and implementation of software made in Visual Studio 2005, 2008, 2010 and 2012, FoxPro and Visual FoxPro. Starting with Dbase - Clipper, FoxPro version 2,6 for Windows, 5.0, 6.0, 7.0, 8.0 and 9.0 of VFP. Also worked 3 years programming in "C" Language for a company that sells software ERP under linux and data base postgresql. I build the ABC Cost software of the company, Implementations of data bases SQL-Server and client ...

David Bernard, The Intellection Group, Inc.
Dave is co-founder and Vice President at The Intellection Group, Inc., which builds web-based business solutions for many different industries. He has been a software developer, manager and executive for over 25 years. He has worked in FoxPro continuously from version 1.02 through VFP 9, is Vice President of the Atlanta FoxPro Users Group and holds MCSD and MCDBA certifications. He currently specializes in Internet-based extranet development using VFP and SQL Server and has recently been immerse...

Craig Berntson, Quicken Loans
Updated on: June 19, 2006
Craig Berntson has been a Microsoft MVP since 1996 and has spoken at developer events across the US and in Canada, and Europe. He has written for various magazines and is the co-authoring of the book "Continuous Integration in .NET" for Manning Publishing. Craig is the Chief Software Gardener at Mojo Software Worx in Salt Lake City, an INETA Community Speaker, and a member of the ComponentOne Speaker Bureau.

Thomas Borgmann, Active Logistics Koblenz Gmbh
Tom Borgmann has more than 20 years of experience in developing desktop solutions. He has been using Informix since 1985, ROSI SQL since 1990, Visual FoxPro since 1995 while working on UNIX, SINIX, LINUX, Window3/DOS, Win9x, WinNT, Win2K, WinXP, Win2K3, WinVista, Win2K8, Win7, WinTS, CitrixMF. Hereby having administrated Workstations and Servers installed with Win9x, WinNT, Win2KPro, Win2KSrv, WinXP, Win2K3Srv, WinVista, Win7, Win2K8Srv.

Rick Borup, Information Technology Associates
Rick Borup is owner and president of Information Technology Associates, a professional software development, computer services, and information systems consulting firm he founded in 1993. Rick earned BS and MBA degrees from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and spent several years developing software applications for mainframe computers before turning to microcomputer database development tools in the late 1980’s. He began working with FoxPro in 1991, and has worked full time in Fox...

Craig Boyd, Sweetpotato Software
Updated on: August 2, 2005
Craig Boyd is the CEO of SweetPotato Software, Inc. (SPS). Having worked in every version of FoxPro since 2.5, he is an avid and experienced Visual FoxPro developer. He is also the creator and host of the popular SPS Weblog, which contains some great Visual FoxPro related content at www.sweetpotatosoftware.com/spsblog. Craig has developed a number of applications for US and International clients, and he specializes in helping other software companies meet challenging deadlines, solve complex pro...

Fernando Bozzo, Spain
Fernando D. Bozzo was born in Argentina in November 1969, and began programming in 1985 with the Basic language, and the QBasic. His first job was in 1987 with dBase II under CPM+ (Commodore 128) and in 1989 he started to program with dBase III+. Shortly after he got in contact with FoxBase, and then started his passion for this language, having used all the intermediate versions. Since 2001 he lives with his family in Madrid (Spain), where he works at a Software company developing systems with ...

Juan Calcagno
Updated on: March 4, 2009
Juan Luis Calcagno is a Software Architect and Developer for TTSS Interactive Products, located in Rockville, Maryland. A Foxpro developer since foxbase times, now also using .NET platform to build windows and web applications.

Andrew Coates, Microsoft Australia
Updated on: March 4, 2009
Andrew Coates is one of Australia's most extensively published practitioners of FoxPro and Visual FoxPro development. He has been developing PC database solutions since 1989. Andrew received his Bachelor of Engineering from UNSW in 1991 and his Thesis was based on the development of a safety incident reporting database for construction sites.

Hector Correa
Updated on: November 28, 2008
Hector is a Software Architect in the Kansas City area. He has been a software developer for more than 10 years and have extensive experience designing and building n-tier applications. Hector spends most of his time designing applications, writing software, and reading about software development in general.

Dave Crozier, Replacement Software
David is a Software Developer developing small business applications in in Visual Foxpro. Recently taken on full time by Flexipol Packaging to enhance and support their bespoke VFP Factory System. Over the years David has developed lots of commercial software interfacing VFP with both RS232 and Modbus Communications Interfaces as well as bespoke accounting systems

Ricardo Damian De Guzman, Tercer Planeta
Ricardo D. de Guzmán (Buenos Aires, Argentina) works at Tercer Planeta, as a developer specialized in Microsoft technologies in the area of Win32 applications and web applications using the .NET platform. He is Microsoft Certified Professional and has ample experience developing distributed applications and Web Services.

Peter Debetta, Wintellect
Updated on: May 13, 2005
Peter DeBetta is the resident SQL Server trainer and consultant for Wintellect. Peter develops software using SQL Server, .NET, and other technologies. He also teaches SQL Server Programming courses and speaks at various conferences around the world about SQL Server, including VSLive!, WinDev, Devscovery, and Microsoft's SQL Server Summit. Peter has written courseware, books and articles on the subject, including articles for MSDN Magazine and a new Microsoft Press book entitled "Introducing SQL...

Rahul Desai, National Software Ind.
Microsoft Certified Technology specialist (MCTS) with MOSS, WSS, SQL Server 2008 technologies. Seasoned, high-energy, self-motivated Information Technology Services professional with over 19+ years of experience in Analyzing, Designing, Building and implementing, state-of-the-art technology in support of enterprise goals. Worked with Manufacturing, Retailing, Wholesaling, Governmental, Not for Profit, Charities, Architectural, Wool industry, IT services, Accountancy, Infrastructure related or...

Bonnie DeWitt, Geneva Systems Group
Bonnie is currently one of the principals of Geneva Systems Group. Call her the Senior Software Engineer, or even call her the VP of Engineering. She has no official title at the moment. Bonnie has been writing software in various languages for about 30 years. Bonnie's current focus on C# .NET applications began in early 2002. She has been a Microsoft C# MVP since Oct 2003 and an active member of the .NET online community.

Sylvain Duford, Avanade Canada
Updated on: May 3, 2007
Sylvain Duford is a Senior Architect at Avanade Canada Inc. where he leads the Enterprise Integration Practice. He has been working in the information systems industry for 14 years and specializes in the design and implementation of Enterprise Application Integration solutions and Trading Partner Integration (B2B) solutions using Microsoft's Visual Studio .NET, SQL Server, BizTalk Server, Sharepoint Portal Server, and Commerce Server. Sylvain is an experienced public speaker and an MSDN Regional...

Bo Durban, Moxie Data, Inc.
Updated on: October 6, 2008
Bo Durban is the CEO for Moxie Data, Inc. specializing in the development of enhanced database and reporting tools for VFP developers. He is also the project manager for the GDIPlusX open source project on VFPX.

Randy Dyess, Solid Quality Learning
Randy has a large variety of experiences dealing with SQL Server over the past 8 years and has worked with environments with Terabytes of data and environments that had over a 1000 databases with only a few megabytes of data in each database. Randy is currently a lead consultant at Scalability Experts and spends his time solving both security and optimization issues. Randy is the author of TransactSQL Language Reference Guide and numerous magazine and newsletter articles pertaining to SQL Server...

Elmozamil Elamir, ICT DAL
Elmozamil Elamir has work with computer as professional since 2005, has a good experience in BI development and DBA, good concepts in Security field. Graduated from University of khartoum with Honor First class for year 2010. has achieved best academic performance for year 2010. My favorites are reading and playing all day with computer.

Doron Farber, The Farber Consulting Group, Inc.
Develop web sites and smart client applications using .net. In addition, develop Visual FoxPro applications since it came up. Develop Search Engine using ms sql 2008 and optimize tables. Currently manages 1TB MS SQL 2008 database with 8 billion records. Performing data warehouse cleaning and import massive data using SQL Server Integration Services( SSIS). Using technologies like .Net, Visual FoxPro, MSSQL 2008 and SSIS. Manage projects, design databases and specs preparation. Perform system ana...

Hank Fay, Professional Systems Plus, Inc.
All around nice guy. <g> RAD development. Psychology PhD. Have programmed in Fortran, Basic, UCSD Pascal, FORTH, dBMan, FoxPro, Visual Basic, Visual Foxpro and Python. Creator and co-author (with Frank Camp) of xCase2VPM, RAD tool for moving/transforming xCase data into the VPM DD, seamless movement to c/s. Porting metadata tools to Lianja. Day job: CTO at DataWorks, Inc. We produce NeXT Inventory Retail Management System, which is a Tier 2 app with Tier 1 features, deployed at s...

Alex Feldstein
Updated on: May 8, 2006
Alex Feldstein has been programming in xBase since dBaseIII in 1985. Extensive experience in accounting, inventory, billing, transactional systems and more. He has spoken on computer-software issues at Conferences in the USA and Latin-America and in user groups across North America. Alex is an MCP having passed both Visual FoxPro exams. Alex has been awarded Microsoft MVP status on Visual FoxPro continnually since 2001 for his help to the Spanish, Portuguese and English-speaking Visual FoxPro co...

Toni Feltman, F1 Technologies
Toni Feltman, a Microsoft Certified Professional, is an experienced software developer, project manager, instructor and speaker. Toni is Vice President and Partner at F1 Technologies in Toledo, OH. During her 14 years at F1 Technologies she has served as both a developer and project manager on numerous projects and as Product Manager for the highly successful FoxExpress product line. Toni is a well known contributor to the Visual FoxPro development community. She has spoken at most major Fox...

Garrett Fitzgerald, Penobscot Community Health Care
Garrett is a Programmer/Analyst for a FQHC in Bangor. He received the Microsoft MVP award for FoxPro support in '98, '99, '03, and '04, and has been an MCSD under both the WinArch and Analyzing Solution Requirements tracks. I've been working with FoxPro since 1994, and with VFP since 1996. I obtained my MCSD status with WinArch I + II, VFP 3, and SQL Server 6.5 Implementation, and renewed it with SQL Server 7.0 Implementation and the VFP exams. I've been programming since 4th grade (I learne...

David Foderick, Net Knowledge
Updated on: October 3, 2007
David Foderick is an independent software developer in Southern California and owner of NetKnowledge, Inc (http://www.netknowledgenow.com). He specializes in Microsoft .NET development tools and languages. David is a frequent speaker at user groups around Southern California and provides corporate training on the .NET platform. He has a Bachelor's degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of Minnesota and is a Microsoft Certified Solution Developer in .NET. Please contact him at netkn...

Carl Franklin, Franklin's Net
Updated on: March 22, 2006
Carl Franklin has been a figurehead in the VB community since the very early days when he wrote for Visual Basic Programmers Journal. He authored the Q&A column of that magazine as well as many feature articles for VBPJ and other magazines. He has authored two books for John Wiley & Sons on sockets programming in VB, and in 1994 he helped create the very first web site for VB developers, Carl & Gary’s VB Home Page. He now teaches hands-on VB .NET classes for his company, Franklins.Net. He has ta...

Barry Gervin, Objectsharp Consulting
Updated on: April 27, 2007
Barry Gervin is a Principal Consultant with ObjectSharp Consulting. Barry, a technical leader with over 15 years experience, has helped many development teams architect and build large-scale mission critical applications. Barry is skilled in the Architecture and Development of Distributed Applications and Databases. Some of his notable recent work is aimed at establishing best practices for .NET development. He has been deeply involved with Microsoft's .NET platform and is a convert from the Pow...

Kate Gregory, Gregory Consulting
Updated on: February 13, 2009
Kate Gregory is a founding partner of Gregory Consulting Limited (www.gregcons.com), providing consulting and development services throughout North America since 1986. Based in Peterborough, Ontario, the firm develops software, primarily for the web, as well as components for web pages and other applications. Typical projects involve the .NET Framework, XML, Web Services, Visual C++, Visual Basic, C#, ASP, Java, and Perl. A new mentoring service provides an opportunity for firms to speed their a...

Y. Alan Griver, ECWise
Updated on: June 20, 2008
Yair Alan Griver is the architect for the Microsoft.com community properties. As architect, he is responsible for creating a coherent underlying platform for properties that include blogs.msdn.com, forums.msdn.com, GotDotNet, chats and CodePlex. In addition to MSCOM architect, Alan is also responsible for the continued development of Visual FoxPro. Prior to the architect role, Alan was Group Manager for the Visual Studio Data group. As Group Manager, Alan’s teams produced the tools used inside o...

Mathias Gronau
Mathias is an independent database developer from Essen in Germany. Since 1993 he is regional leader of the german FoxPro user group. As his recent project he has founded www.community-radio.net, an internet radio, made from the communities surrounding Microsoft. Here you can hear reports from conferences, presentations of user groups and many more.

Tyler Hamilton
Tyler Hamilton is a developer with a strong inclination for all technologies under the Microsoft umbrella. In particular, .NET and web technologies including ASP.NET are his specialty. As a BCIT graduate from the Information Systems option he also has experience with SQL Server, Silverlight, WPF, and ORM frameworks. Tyler is currently covering the DevTeach 2009 conference in Vancouver.

Tom Hayward, Hayward Interaction
Tom Hayward is a Visual FoxPro Programmer who started using FoxBase in 1990 for an accounting firm, and continued using all the subsequent versions with clients in a variety of industries in Illinois, Georgia, Nebraska, and Wisconsin, including collections, medical, mortgage, title insurance, commodity trading, defense, government, credit union, and manufacturing. Tom was born in India of missionary parents and grew up in South Africa before attending Northern Illinois University.

Doug Hennig, Stonefield Software Inc.
Doug Hennig is a partner with Stonefield Software Inc. He is the author of the award-winning Stonefield Database Toolkit (SDT), the award-winning Stonefield Query, and the MemberData Editor, Anchor Editor, New Property/Method Dialog, and CursorAdapter and DataEnvironment builders that come with Microsoft Visual FoxPro. Doug is co-author of the "What's New in Visual FoxPro" series and "The Hacker's Guide to Visual FoxPro 7.0". He was the technical editor of "The Hacker's Guide to Visual FoxPro 6....

Rick Hodgin
Software developer since mid-80s. Primarily in x86 assembly, C, C++, FoxBASE, FoxPro, Visual FoxPro, Java, and many derivatives thereof. I am currently developing Visual FreePro, a follow-on replacement for a now defunct xbase programming language of a similar name. I am a devout Christian. I spend a lot of time in prayer of Visual FreePro's development.

Rob Howard, Microsoft
Updated on: January 23, 2009
Rob Howard is a Program Manager on the Microsoft ASP.NET team. He has contributed to ASP.NET features such as Session State, Web Services, and Caching as well as many of the new features coming in ASP.NET 2.0. Rob is also a community lead/evangelist for ASP.NET and works closely with groups such as the ASPInsiders, Microsoft MVPs, and community User Groups to continuously grow ASP.NET developer resources. He additionally is a frequent presenter at conferences, and has recently contributed to boo...

Calvin Hsia, Microsoft
Updated on: February 28, 2009
Calvin Hsia is the Developer Lead on the Visual FoxPro team at Microsoft. He has been using Fox products for about 20 years and is one of the original Microsoft MVPs in 1992. The first decade was as an independent consultant in Honolulu developing business applications for clients. The last decade was spent crafting the VFP product into what it is today.

Patrick Hynds, Criticalsites
Updated on: May 25, 2007
Patrick Hynds, MCSD, MCSE+I, MCDBA, MCSA, MCP+Site Builder, MCT, is the Microsoft Regional Director for Boston and the CTO for CriticalSites. Named by Microsoft as the Regional Director for Boston, he has been recognized as a leader in the technology field. An expert on Microsoft technology (with at last count 54 Microsoft certifications) and experienced with other technologies as well (Websphere, Sybase, Perl, Java, Unix, Netware, C++, etc.), Patrick previously taught freelance software develop...

Simplicio Jison Jr, Accelerate Desk Business Solutions
Simplicio Jison Jr is the President of Accelerate Desk Business Solutions .He has 12 years experience developing application on various host of technologies including Visual Studio .NET , C#, ASP.NET, Visual Basic, SQL Server , Oracle, Visual FoxPro, Java , C++ , PHP, Web Technologies , XML, GSM AT&T programming and more. Simplicio specializes on Database Application, Financial Software, GSM Application Messaging and Web Site Application.

John Kane, Jtk Consultants, Llc
Updated on: December 18, 2007
John Kane has 24 years experience in the IT industry working for Fortune 500 corporations and small startup companies before joining Microsoft in 1995. John was instrumental in getting the Microsoft SQL Server fulltext newsgroup started and is an active poster there. While working at Microsoft, John developed and delivered a public WebCast "SQL Server 7.0 Full-Text Search and Basic Troubleshooting Methods" as well as delivered several internal and external presentations on SQL FTS. Since leavin...

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